Mid Term Final

Ahhh yes, to feel the crushing pressure of a pressing deadline. I lost how track of how many things didn’t work when I completely underestimated how much time this stuff actually takes. …the joys of css….when it works, you love the world…when it doesn’t…there’s another story.

The biggest struggle I had was integrating horizontal

  • tags in my nav container. I lost hours of trying to figure that one out and after 4 hours lost yesterday, I made an executive decision and abandoned tactics and resorted to a table. I was oddly enough able to integrate a vertical
  • . Not sure why one failed and the other one worked well.

    Problem #2: Faux columns. Works great…in specific situations. I had to majorly tweak my vertical column to get the same effect. Is it right? Probably not, but it’s working so far.

    Problem #3: Bg color worked only sporadically. I had to circumvent and use an image gif instead.

    I think overall it was a really good exercise. I learned that there is a certain art when it comes to using CSS. I really need to be at this for more time to really get the beauty of CSS to really sink in.

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